Call Centre Capabilities

We have a 16-seater Call Centre producing an average of 300 interviews a day when operating at full capacity and this also depends on the type of study, length of questionnaire and retention on the database provided, this will allow us to conduct voluminous interviews per day.

Our Call Centre has a voice recording facility with the ability to record and archive interviews. This enables supervisors to monitor and vet recorded conversations. Our quality assurance team can also listen into a live call and assist the call center agent if ever there is a query they cannot solve on their own.

Below are some of the advantages of our Call Center System:

  • Our system works with a predictive dialer that dials the numbers for the interviewer
    aiding speed and accuracy.
  • Our CATI software has built-in logic, which also enhances data accuracy.
  • Update reports can be compiled instantly as data is being collected.
  • The Data Processing department can also clean the data in the server as the data is
    being populated.

Lead Management, Never Lose A Lead

Data is the life blood of any organization. VanillaSoft is designed to keep your leads in motion until it reaches a final destination. With our automated routing, leads cannot be lost or ignored. VanillaSoft will track and report on the status of the lead. Each and every time a lead is worked, VanillaSoft will record who worked on it, the results and exactly when. With dynamic web reporting, all leads can be grouped and reported on by a host of fields such as; source, date, user, and results. There has never been an easier system that is so complete.

Automatic Dialing Without The Cost And Delays

VanillaSoft offers two great flavors of Auto Dialing; preview or click to call and progressive. Many customers report a 30% lift when using progressive dialing vs. manual dialing. VanillaSoft dials over your choice of phone vendors or VoIP providers meaning lower telecom charges and no annoying connection delays and upset prospect or customers found with predictive dialers.

Automatically Route The Next-Best-Call

Next-best-call-routing – drives productivity by utilizing the organization’s business intelligence that has been derived from all calls attempted vs. calls attempted by an individual rep. The collection of all the data enhances the ability of management to determine the likelihood of a sale on a call by call basis. VanillaSoft can route calls that are more likely to have a positive outcome than those that are not. This ensures that the sales organization is focusing their best people on their best opportunities. In addition, VanillaSoft can ensure that web leads, trigger or purchased leads are handled and routed in the most productive manner. You will never have to worry about losing or not working the right leads again.

Real-Time Management Dashboard, Know What Is Happening Now

VanillaSofts’ commitment to anywhere, anytime and anyplace is evident in our on demand dashboard. Using a web browser and the Internet, management can see that sales people are logged in and productive. Calling and campaign statistics are displayed in real time and can be drilled down on for agent detail and summary. VanillaSofts’ Dashboard combined with robust web reporting and our charts provides management multiple layers of campaign management insight.

Record Calls For Training And Quality Assurance

Our unrivaled, state-of-the-art call recording feature actually “marries” the digital recording to the contact record. On top of that you can query your recordings based on the date, caller and even the outcome of the call!

Eliminate Desktop Distractions

Desktop Distractions often serve as the next reason not to make the next call. At VanillaSoft, we understand the nature of sales people and we have eliminated those pesky distractions that come with other solutions. Our sleek agent desktop keep your sales people’s attention placed on the task at hand, making the next best call. Gone are all of the places to click, search, hunt and peck. Our customers have shared with us that the “Vanilla-ness” of our agent screen makes their representatives more productive and keeps them focused on the call. Our agent screen is so simple and intuitive that training takes 30 minutes or less. With VanillaSoft your sales people can do two things, make a very smart call and then make the next call. It really is that simple.

Tailor To Your Business Needs

We give our customer a wide range of flexibility and functionality not found in other providers. VanillaSoft allows you the customer to build your campaign the way you need it run. From unlimited custom fields, web lead import and appointment setting modules, VanillaSoft has the power and flexibility to do it all.

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