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Is my information kept confidential with Quest Research Services? 

Whatever contact information you provide to sign-up for our panel will never be shared with anyone outside our organization. The personal data help us better understand you and which studies you may or may not qualify for. All of your information is kept secure within QuestResearch Services and is never shared, sold, or sent to other companies.

How will I be contacted for the market research? 

Our projects typically start with an online survey or phone call so it is crucial we receive your most up-to-date contact information. We will never use your name or contact information for any other reason.

I signed up but why haven't I been contacted? 

Have no fear, you will be contacted soon. Each of our market research projects is unique. Sometimes we only target specific types of panel members or specific geographies. At points during the year, we have more active projects than other times of the year. Sit tight, we’ll reach out if you fit what we are looking for. Please, no telephone calls, our market research is invite-only.

How often will I be contacted to participate? 

This varies, depending on the number of active clients and projects underway at QRS. However, the more invitations you receive and the more you participate, the better your

chances of winning. If you qualify and sign-up for a paid research opportunity and do not participate, Quest Research Services

reserves the right to remove you from our database.

What types of surveys and market research will I get invited to? 

Our market research clients cover all types of products and services, different types of industries, and in several markets. The variety of market research we specialize in is reflected in the types of studies you'll be invited to. This might be an online survey about a new business coming to town, a telephone interview about a recent purchase at a store, an in-person visit to join a group

discussion about a local restaurant, or we

might send you a free product to use at home and ask for your feedback. The options are endless.

What types of incentives or rewards are offered? 

Rewards are dependent on each project, depending on the size and complexity of the

project. Our online surveys offer raffle giveaways and gift cards to a random selection of participants or to the first set number of respondents. A typical in-person focus group discussion will offer a cash incentive a gift

card payout.

How do I receive my reward after I participate? 

This is dependent on each project you participate in. Our online survey rewards are

typically paid with air time recharge or gift cards. In-person research is usually paid in cash. This may vary from project-to-project.

How quickly do I receive my reward after participating? 

We move fast. Our survey raffle winners are chosen at the conclusion of fieldwork. If you participate in a follow-up interview or focus group, you'll likely be paid on your way out or shortly after you complete your interview (within a day to up to a week). Although this

varies from project-to-project we try to process your reward as quickly as


Why should I offer feedback through this market research panel? 

At Quest Research Services we believe in organizational decisions centred around customer data and we recommend this to all of our clients so that they can create a well-aligned strategy, driven by customer needs and wants. Your feedback helps drive and improve the customer experience, to the clients we serve and to the community.

I've participated in surveys but I

am never chosen. Why? 

Each of the projects we complete for our clients has very specific criteria and type(s) of participants we are looking for. We use our initial online surveys to vet out those who qualify and those who do not, without sharing the specific type of audience we are trying to research. It helps our respondents answer honestly and ensures all answers are unbiased. Some studies you may be a perfect fit for, while others you may not qualify for. However, the more you participate, the greater the chance of selection for our paid studies.


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