Qualitative Research

Quest Research Services has mastered the skill of conducting various forms of qualitative research methodologies which are customised to meet the needs of individual Clients. Through our ‘hands on approach’ all activities are handled in house, and this ensures that we offer our Clients the best service.

Quality control forms the epicentre of QRS values and is employed at every step of the qualitative research process.

Focus Group

Quest Research Service has vast experience in conducting Focus group discussions across diverse communities. The research team for each project is tailor made to match the demographics of the target audience to allow for optimal data collection and to improve dynamics of the group.

In-depth Interviews

We conduct one-on-one interviews to obtain deeper understanding of any phenomena. During these sessions, our skilled moderators are able to utilize this tool to uncover even the most sensitive deep rooted issues. These are often conducted in an environment that is most comfortable and convenient for the respondent and conducted in a language that is preferred by the respondent.

Friendship Pairs

In-depth interviews conducted with a pair of individuals who are a relationship or share some specified attributes. Conducted by their moderators with similar characteristics this technique uncovers the sensitive, intimate information shared by the respondents.

Consumer Connect – Immersions

In profiling respondents and to obtain a better understanding of respondents, QRS has mastered the skill of conducting consumer immersions. This ethnographic approach allows us to experience a day in the life of the respondent. QRS is able to conduct this exercise amongst the most deep rural communities to the most upmarket suburban areas.

Mystery Shopper

We conduct mystery shopping where we measure the quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or gather specific information about products and services and the mystery consumer’s identity and purpose is generally not known by the organization or individual being evaluated. Our experienced team of field workers who possess abilities such as attention to detail, good memory, objective evaluation skills and have done many studies in the retail market, car dealerships sector and health clubs just to mention a few. The team conducts these interviews and observations using the following electromechanical instruments:

  • Audio recording devices
  • Smartphones
  • Mystery Observation
  • Mystery telephone calls
  • Hidden cameras

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Uninterrupted Observations
  • Ethnographic Participation Observations
  • Triads
  • Dyads
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