Quantitative Research

QRS has a proud team of quantitative researchers with a lot of experience in designing quantitative studies and advising on the best research methodologies for effective data collection. We offer plenty of choices to make for collecting quantitative data – face to face, telephone, email, internet and even traditional mail for some of our clients.

QRS has gained momentum in quantitative research studies bringing workable solutions to clients for stakeholder perception surveys, customer value proposition and churn studies etc. High quality timely data analysis methods are an in-house pleasure with revelations that run deep for client’s ready use.

Omnibus Survey

QRS has two omnibus surveys both targeted at gaining customer perceptions and experiences with government and businesses.

The BoP Survey

QRS has specially designed this omnibus with special focus on the lower tiers (LSM 1 – 5), a segment that has emerged to be of interest to multinationals in recent years. With a geographic reality of villages and small communities that are often widely dispersed with long distances between each populated area, QRS has developed the most efficient, cost effective research methodologies to come up with a robust sample of 2000 adults, 16 years and older of all races in South Africa.

Being driven by a quantitative approach, the BoP omnibus is built on human centred methodologies to give clients informed, resonating ways of managing, advertising and communicating with this market.

QRS will guide on the creation of new effective tools to build relationships, raise awareness and access of products and services by tailor making questions for each client.

The ToP Survey

The marketing solutions to the Top of Pyramid consumers are researched via the TOP survey every year. This special omnibus is targeted at LSM 6 -10, with a sample of 2500 adults, 16 years of age and above, all races in South Africa. This quantitative study is a special venture into a fiercely contested market where there is convergence of innovation and style.

QRS is constantly reviving ways of precipitating cutting edge solutions to the mysteries of this market segment that is constantly searching and tasting new products. We walk this journey to find out these drivers of peculiar appetite with strong analytical tools that define possible ways of detecting brand

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